2017-02-21, Revision 10.1:

  • Updated Double Badger section with Polychoke pro, which I had forgotten……

2017-02-18, Revision 10:

  • Updated Double Badger section with 20ga model info. Still need to redo some pictures.
  • Most Double Badgers are not actually drilled and tapped for a scope mount.

2015-08-27, Revision 9:

  • Added captions to Savage 24 photos.
  • Some of the Baikals are not threaded for chokes.

2015-08-26, Revision 8:

  • Added Savage 24 photos (but no captions yet).

2015-08-25, Revision 7:

  • Minor edits to text throughout.
  • Formatting changes to improve word wrap with photos.

2015-08-24, Revision 6:

  • Changed title photo.
  • Added Double Badger Photos.
  • Minor edits to Double Badger text.

2015-08-24, Revision 5:

  • Changed Baikal sections to reflect new experiences with sights and rimfire models.
  • Mentioned screw-in variable chokes for shotgun barrels that will accept them.
  • Clarified wording here and there.

2015-07-17, Revision 4:

  • Added personal experiences with roughness of Double Badger machining.
  • Corrected incorrect year in dates in this section. Derp!

2015-04-17, Revision 3:

  • Mentioned that the Savage 2400/330 and Valmet 312/Lion barrel sets will all interchange. (bigkelly, Savage 24 Forum).
  • Added BCUSA credits from old threads (1773, swissarmy67, cloudraker)
  • Mentioned firing pin and anti-doubling info at the bottom of http://forums.gunboards.com/archive/index.php/t-121875.html .
  • Mentioned how the Baikal is becoming extremely hard to find since the sanctions.
  • Mentioned the earlier Valmet barrels having Sako mounts.
  • Added/Mirrored some documents from other sites, in case those sites should ever disappear, and placed them in an "additional materials" section at the end of the document.

2015-01-06, Revision 2:

  • Savage 24F was also available in .17HMR. (vdeal, BCUSA)
  • Clarified that 20ga Savage 24F was still built on 12ga frame, and that all 24Fs (not just 12ga) are excessively heavy. (vdeal, BCUSA)
  • Added Routine Cleaning and Maintenance section.

2015-01-03, Revision 1:

  • Initial publication to the web.
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