My Other Websites

Dizzy Dragon Games - My computer programming and D&D garbage.

(An online store that I haven't finished yet) - No Link Yet

Other People's Websites That I Like

Erkka Lehmus' Blog - A software developer and masseuse from Finland who enjoys a more primal lifestyle. Also co-developer of an indie computer game about survival in iron-age Finland.

Starry Hilder's Site - Articles and Blog from an off-grid modern homesteader. They've done a lot of cool stuff at their place. She is very enthusiastic, and it seems to make her videos extra fun or something. Kind of the exact opposite of me in all ways, I guess. Lol.

BushcraftUSA Forums - A forum about outdoor funtime, which I guess the cool kids are calling "bushcraft" nowadays. Some "fancy expensive gear elitists" and "know-it-all armchair enthusiasts", but there are plenty of laid-back cool folk mixed in, too.

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